Application Process

​Step 1:

Fill out the application.

​Step 2: 
  • Send an email to: with a copy of your state ID (such as a drivers license).
  • Professionals must provide proof of income, and students must provide proof of full-time, current enrollment.
  • If you are on a visa, you will need to send a copy of the visa page in your passport, and status certificate (I-20, etc).
Step 3:
  • An email will be sent by Trans Union for you to complete the background check.
  • After we receive the email with the required documentation, and your background check has been processed, we can start the approval process for your application.
  • Applicants will be contacted if their employer requires a verification fee. Our screening criteria can be viewed here.
  • $20 application fee.


The landlord is prohibited from requiring disclosure, asking about, rejecting an applicant, or taking an adverse action based on any arrest record, conviction record, or criminal history, except for registry information as described in subsections 14.09.025.A.3, 14.09.025.A.4, and 14.09.025.A.5, and subject to the exclusions and legal requirements in Section 14.09.115.
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